The Secret to a Perfect Day Makeup

Applying makeup day is a real skill that must mînuiască any beautiful woman. Makeup should highlight unique features they possess the woman to give mystery, sex appeal and charm.

One of the main secrets of daily makeup application is limited to that range of decorative cosmetics color must match the color of the clothes and the event that paticipaţi.
A very colorful makeup or vulgar will not match a casual dress in pastel colors. Makeup in color, heavy “awaken astonishment of those around you and you leave a wrong impression about you. However, we know that first impression is very important. If you want to make a good impression proove that you have good taste in choosing makeup day, whether you’re at work, shopping, to the bank or a business meeting.

If you are preparing to go to a party and wear a sparkly evening dress that draws all eyes then and makeup should be alike. Warm tones of makeup day certainly will not fit this land, because the skin will look pale and lifeless and certainly you will not feel as confident as if a proper makeup event. Conversely, stringent makeup colors in combination with a business suit or a dress sober demonstrates lack of taste. That is why it is essential to keep in mind the rules for applying makeup day.

How to apply makeup day?

Day makeup differs from that evening by lightness, transparency and lack of fireworks. Here are the stages of implementation:

  1. -First you must apply a day cream or sunscreen one, whether or makeup base;
  2. -Use a concealer if you want the cover bags under the eyes or red spots on the face then apply foundation over the skin;
  3. -Powdered face with a mineral powder because it does not close the pores and allows the skin to breathe all day, while protecting it from harmful factors;
  4. -Apply reflective pleape base;
  5. -Use warm colors on the inner corner of the eye and the lower eyelid, which will give your eyes sparkle. You can also use makeup sclipitoate open, mate, depending on the type of skin you have.
  6. Use ink-eye (if you seem too exaggerated, retouch with a white pencil);
  7. -Apply blush on the cheeks using pastel colors and if your skin color too Blogger, LiveJournal finished the previous stage makeup. Makeup day is done! As you can see it is quite simple. You only need 10-15 minute all day because you feel attractive and confident that look perfectly. It certainly makes you relaxed and entertained. Why you need makeup day if it is practically invisible anyway? Makeup day is meant to highlight what is most beautiful about a woman, so that others can see this and hide imperfections. If you manage to end this effect, you will feel comfortable and secure that you emanate charm!

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