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Christina Hendricks Bra Size


Christina Hendricks Bra Size

Not only is Christina Hendricks an award-winning actress, with a SyFy Genre Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Golden Nymph Award, and two Critics’ Choice Television Awards, but she is also considered to be one of the sexiest women in the world. Esquire magazine held a poll of female readers, and she ranked the top of the list of “sexiest women in the world”, and even the American version of the magazine held her in high regard, voting her as the “Best Looking American Women” in 2010.

Christina Hendricks Bra Size Pics


Her best-known role is probably in Mad Men, in which she played Joan Holloway for the AMC drama, but she’s been around in the TV world since 1999. There have been a string of TV hits under her belt, including four episodes in ER, 22 episodes of Kevin Hill, a pop up in Cold Case, and Body of Proof too. And then there was American Dad!, Another Period, Rick and Morty, Hap and Leonard … Need we go on?

Christina Hendricks Bra Size Pics and info

Christina has also been in the film acting business since 2007. You may recall seeing her in Bad Santa 2 in 2016, but she was also in Zoolander 2, released in the same year, as well as a string of other hits. There are a couple of movies coming out in the next year or so too. Both Strangers: Prey at Night and The Burning Woman are due out in 2018, with the latter also starring Aaron Paul, Sky Ferreira, and Sienna Miller.

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Of course, Christina Hendricks isn’t just an actress. She is also well known for being a curvaceous woman who definitely makes the most of her assets. There’s her red hair to start with, which isn’t her natural hair color, you may be surprised to learn. She is actually a natural blonde, but back when she was just ten years of age, she starting dyeing it. It was a decision she didn’t look back on.

Christina Hendricks Body Measurements

In a time where stick-thin models are on the catwalks, people have been raving about Christina’s figure, all-natural, including her ample breasts. She has been considered the “new modern ideal of Hollywood glamour”, bringing in traditional body values from the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Veronica Lake and mixing them with modern views.

When Christina’s rise to fame started hitting new heights, her body, more specifically, her breasts, were the topic on everyone’s list. She came out to publicly blast a reported for calling her “full-figured”, angrily acknowledging the fact everyone was focused on the way she looked, rather than her actual acting skills. In 2010, the A study by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons said that she could be partly responsible for the ten percent increase in breast enlargement surgery for the year. According to surgeons, women were more likely to come in and ask for a result that was similar to Christina Hendricks than any other fuller-busted celebrity. In that one year alone, close to three hundred thousand women went under the knife, lusting after Christina’s beautiful and voluptuous body shape.

Christina Hendricks Bra Size

The size of Christina Hendricks’ breasts? Nobody seems to really know the truth, but there are reports that she could be somewhere in the 32F region. She has a very small frame, unusually so for her large and natural breasts. Other sources seem to suggest that Christina could be a 34DDD. One thing is for sure, she has a body shape that women all over the world desire and seek to be like. A proud woman rocking everything she was born with. We love seeing that.

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