Can Too Much Fruit Cause Weight Gain?

Too much of anything is bad. Whatever you eat should be in the right portion. Too much fruits can cause weight gain. Normally fresh fruits contain 15 to 20 calorie per ounce. When it comes to fruit juice one 12-ounce bottle of fruit juice can contain about 200 calories. Dried fruits contain much higher calories. For example, Six ounces of raisins can contain about 500 calories.

As we know fruits are rich in vitamins and other nutrients, also, they are great for their antioxidant properties. Dietary fibber in the fruits makes you fill for a longer time. So, basically fruits help to maintain your weight and keep you healthy.

But too much of anything can be bad. So, if you consume more calories than you can expend, you gain weight. Any additional calories of excess energy store up in the form of body fat. Hypothetically, if you consume high amount of fruits, you’ll get more calories than you actually need and you’ll gain more weight.

Having said that we must remember most fruits are low to medium in glycaemic index scale. That’s why they do not spike up your blood sugar level suddenly. Fruits are natural part of our diet and extremely essential for our health.

Although it is true that too much of fruits can increase your weight but you must remember most of the fruits are low in calories and you need to eat a whole lot of fruits to get the extra calories. So, it’s really not a big issue. If you have any doubt about it, you can be sure that fruits are great for our health and normally fruits don’t cause any weight gain.  You have to eat absurd amount of fruits to get extra calories.

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