How to Avoid Weight Gain in Relationships

Relationships can lead to weight gain. Here are some healthy choices you can make to avoid gaining weight and end up losing weight, in your relationship.

I think back to my past, and all of the relationships that “were a contribution,” to my weight gain. I am responsible for myself, but I didn’t think of it that way back then, or know any better. And, my relationships with my family, were emotionally empty. As a child or teen, we have very little choice, and there’s very little we can do(if we don‘t know better), for ourselves. Now, as an adult, I know better and I realize the importance of healthy relationships in my life. You don’t need to gain weight while in a relationship, hanging out with friends or family. It happens to many people, but it doesn’t need to be that way for you anymore. Relationships, are supposed to be positive, right? Happiness, contentment, sadness, or any other emotion, shouldn’t be a force behind our eating. Relationships, should make us happy and excited, and eating and living healthier.

– Separate from the emotion.

How we process an emotion, means everything to our weight. If you want to control your eating, and make the changes necessary to lose weight, you need to check in with and understand your emotions. If you can master, being able to stop, pause, understand, then react accordingly, you’ll have a much better chance at not overeating or eating the foods you know you shouldn’t.

– Express your needs.

You must communicate with you spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, in order for them to know what your needs are. Most of the time, we tend to hide the fact that we’re dieting, or make it look like it’s not much of a big deal, but it is a big deal. Don’t express it as some joke, because how else would they know that losing weight, is something that is very important to you. Sit them down, and tell them, “this is something that I really need to do for myself. I need your support.”

– Get them involved.

It’s so much fun when we can get our partners involved, in an activity with us. I couldn’t imagine being in a relationship with someone who didn’t love the outdoors. It’s not hard to be active, when you’re both enjoying something you love together. By getting them involved, they’d be getting healthier too, and it’ll be a great addition to any relationship.

– Nothing can derail you.

If you’re committed to losing weight, nothing anyone can say or do, will derail you from what you’re trying to achieve. Not everyone will like the same things we do, or want the same things in their lives, so you will have things to figure out. But, it’s up to you to remain focused on yourself, because after all, you’re doing this for you. You can’t be worried about what choices others make, because it’s a fact of life, we can’t always get others to join us.

Maybe you’ve gained weight in your present relationship, and always gain with each relationship. You may also be like many, who tend to lose weight in between relationships. You don’t need to gain or lose with each relationship you’re in and out of, because the goal should always be the same, being focused on yourself first, and staying consistently committed to your weight loss efforts.

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