General Motors Weight Loss Diet

The General Motors Diet targets a weight loss of 7-10 lbs in seven days. It also helps in flushing and cleaning out toxins.

The General Motors Weight Loss Diet was developed for the employees of the firm. However, the diet proved so useful that the world cannot stop listing its benefits. Along with being a perfect recipe for a fast weight loss, it also helps detoxify and cleanse the system.

According to the diet, you must completely abstain from drinking alcohol. You should ideally take 10-15 glasses of water everyday as it helps flush out the toxins from your body. You can consume the following beverages – water flavored with lemon, club soda, black coffee – no cream, no substitutes and no sugar.

Important: No fruit juices before Day Seven.

Day One

Eat as many fruits as you want. No bananas though. If watermelon or cantaloupe is available, take huge quantities of it. Watermelon will enable you to lose 3-4 lbs on the first day. Day One would prepare the system for the week to come.

Day Two

Eat all vegetables – raw or cooked – of your choice in any quantity. A cooked vegetable does not mean vegetables made in curry or with spices. You can make food palatable by adding a dollop of butter or some salad dressing to it. This is taken for energy and balance. You can start the day by eating a baked potato but the rest of the vegetables consumed during the day should be calorie free and rich in nutrition and fiber.

You can also try sautéed vegetables. Boil the vegetables of your choice, once they are boiled drain the water out of them, lightly sauté them in a teaspoon of butter, add a little salt and you are done.

Day Three

A mixture of fruits and vegetables – all the salad that you can eat day! No bananas and no potatoes. Day Three prepares the system to start burning excess pounds.

Day Four

Eat up to 8 bananas and drink 3 glasses of milk. Day Four makes up for the lost potassium and sodium.

Day Five

Take small portions of lean meat or cottage cheese with 6 whole tomatoes. You can make a sandwich out of it. Increase your water intake by 1/4th. The meat / cheese are for iron and proteins and the tomatoes are for digestion and fiber. The excess water purifies the system.

Day Six

Eat unlimited amounts of lean meat (fish / chicken) or cottage cheese and vegetables.

Day Seven

Eat brown rice, fruit juices and all the vegetables you can possibly stuff! On this day, you will feel 7-10 lbs lighter from all the rinsing and flushing. Do not use white rice – use pulses for a protein substitute.

If this diet works for you, please follow it only once a month and not more than that. Eat enough when on this diet to avoid fatigue, tiredness and emotional distress. Do not curb your hunger!

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