12 Advice Ttagay to Lasting Youth and Wrinkle-free Skin

Women  feel panicked at the onset of signs of aging on the skin , setting off anxiety and fear and monitors these lines that began to emerge in the face on the mirror permanently, and seeks to hide these signs in various ways Is this possible? Yes, it is not that difficult , where you can follow a few steps to show younger than you are.

Here are some tips to Ttagay young lasting and skin wrinkle-free : – of the main things that keeps the youth and freshness of your skin is water , it handled water in sufficient quantity day wonderful and beneficial for your skin , make sure to eat from 6 – 8 glasses of water daily for you get a skin supple and moist and lasting youth . – Stay away from smoking and alcohol , eat sugars and fats in abundance Those things as toxins to your skin and a negative impact on the skin too. – Multiply the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables , especially after the age of thirty , Tnaouliha a daily basis and diversity , they provide you with all the nutrients needed by the body of vitamins , fiber and minerals. – Make sure you exercise every day in the outdoors for at least half an hour , it will give you the skin bright and beautiful and glamorous as well as the agility of your body. – Taking enough deep sleep is very important for your beauty sleep Few lead to the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles, and make sure to sleep on your back to avoid the appearance of wrinkles early age the skin . – The permanent stress and anxiety affect the freshness skin and Azaranha the pale and tired , and watch TV for a long time is not good for your skin , bitch about this bad habits Taatmtaa the young permanent . – Make sure to pay attention to your skin and hair using moisturizing creams and lotions good and proper , and national cleaning and moisturizing your skin permanently and give it enough time to be clean and comfortable with cosmetics . – Use natural materials to keep the youth of your skin and hair as a natural masks , and bitch about chemicals as much as possible you get a natural beauty and distinctive . – Make sure to pay attention to your weight  , by following a healthy diet Whenever you more weight whenever I felt larger than your age real , and the thinness of excess leads to the same result , so Know weight proportional to height and knowledgeable always to reach it. – Seek the help of a beauty expert to give you advice to choose the appropriate cosmetics for your skin and make sure to buy a good types of preparations to keep a clean and healthy skin always. – Avoid as much as possible about exposure to the sun during the day Vohatha very harmful for the skin, and was keen to develop appropriate skin protection cream , but remember that the suns rays in the early morning and at sunset is very useful for the skin. – Our advice remains the last and most important to you is that the official permanent smile on your face, magical Apart from its impact on beauty as well as Train most of the muscles of the face and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and gives you a brighter and beautiful real .

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