What Does It Mean When A Guy Kisses Your Stomach?

As if a kiss on the lips, the cheek or even the forehead wasn’t exciting enough. Now here you are wondering why on Earth he went as far as your stomach to give you a kiss! How exciting is that?! A whole new area of the body that isn’t on the head, that has to get the juices flowing in anyone. But it can also give you a sense of confusion. Why would he do it there? What is so good about the stomach? Why not a simple kiss on the lips or why not a little lower to get the action really heating up? Those are great questions. And they can be answered quite simply.

Obviously if he is initiating such intimate physical contact to a part of your body such as your stomach, he has some pretty deep feelings for you. That isn’t a place that many guys would go for if they didn’t find you attractive or have some emotional attachment to you.

But why do they really go as far as to kiss your stomach, even when they have feelings for you? Why would they not just kiss the more easy to get to areas, like your lips or anywhere on your face.

Men know that woman can be overly sensitive about certain parts of their bodies. Of course, not all women have insecurities, but a lot of them do. If you and this man are close, or even dating, he may kiss your stomach when you guys are cuddling up watching a movie or when you are on the beach in a bikini. The longer you’re in a relationship with a guy, the more likely it is that at some point he will kiss your stomach. He will do this because he is letting you know that he loves every single inch of you. Including your belly, which you may or may not be self conscious about!

If you two have some sort of relationship and connection and he kisses your stomach, but sticks his tongue out while doing so, he may be hinting at you that he wants to do the dirty deed with you. Getting that close to your nether regions is a very intimate thing for him to do, but adding an open mouth or even tongue can indicate he is feeling very lustful after you.

Men may also like to lay their heads on your stomach and give it kisses because it is very close to your breast region and feels just as soft and supple. Unless you have abs of steel, of course. It gives them a sense of security and makes them feel comfortable with you.

However, if you are pregnant or trying to conceive, a guy may kiss your stomach as a sign of affection and luck towards you and/or your future, growing child. Men who are in your family may give your belly a kiss as well if they know that you are an expectant mother. If that is the case, there is no inappropriate intentions behind the kisses. Even from the guy who is not your family. He is just excited about the baby on the way and has a lot of care for it. It is almost a sign of respect to kiss a pregnant woman’s belly.


There are times where a guy may give you repeated kisses on your stomach. This may be because he is trying to make you wiggle and laugh. He is going to try and tickle you. He may even blow what are commonly called ‘raspberry kisses’ into your belly. This is a motion when he will put his lips deep in your skin and make a blowing gesture with his lips. This will cause you to become tickled. It will usually bring enjoyment from both parties. He is trying to joke around with you, be close to you and make you happy all at one time.

Oftentimes when a man likes you as more than a friend or is in love with you, he will kiss your stomach frequently. However, it is very very uncommon for a stranger to approach you and kiss you there. When a stranger does it, it might mean that he has bad intentions and is being extremely creepy. Of course it is a form of hitting on someone, but it may be a little too private of a gesture to do to someone that you just met or someone that you barely know at all.

In conclusion, when a man kisses your stomach, in anyway or form, it is a dead giveaway sign that he is into you romantically or sexually. He harbors great feelings for you and likes to feel close to you. Stomach kisses are definitely one of the more private types of kiss and are usually only done when the two of you are alone. Minus the pregnancy exception that is.

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