What To Do When A Guy Kisses Your Neck

Getting intimate is usually all fun and games. However, that is entirely depending on what you are feeling when the intimacy is taking place between you and a guy. Are you into the guy? Are you not so into him? Are you two friends or something so much more?

When you get intimate with a guy, like when you kiss or hug, you might be confused as to what to do next or how to react to the things that he is doing.

That is totally understandable. Especially if you are not so experienced in these things. Maybe you have never been touched or kissed a certain way and when you finally are you are totally thrown off your guard. Hey, it happens to the best of us, so try not to worry too much.

So what does it mean when a guy kisses your neck?

Well, that depends on what the two of you were doing or talking about previously. Were you already making out prior to this suddenly happening? Or were you two just standing there having a conversation?

If you were already in the midst of getting intimate with this guy, such as kissing or fondling, there is a good chance that he is now kissing your neck because he thinks that it is something that will turn you on. Why would he assume that? Well, the neck is actually one of the most sexually sensitive places on a woman’s body. A simple kiss on the neck can give one goosebumps or send shivers down their spine. It may also arouse them in their unspeakable areas. It may make them hornier than they were before. A guy might do this because he thinks that you like it and he thinks that it is a good way to build sexual tension between the two of you easily.

He could also be kissing you on your neck because it turns him on. He might know whether it will work to get things heated up on your end, but he might be doing it because he knows for a fact that it turns him on. Some guys just like kissing that area! It might be some sort of fetish for him. Which is very, very common! Usually no matter what the reasoning behind it, it is done in with good intentions. Unless, of course it is unwanted from your end.

Which brings us the question: What do you do if the neck kissing is unwanted?

That is a great question to ask and every woman should have a backup plan for this type of thing! Because it does seem to happen every now and again. Unfortunately.

The best thing to do in this situation is gently, not aggressively as you don’t want to cause tension, push him away from you and create some distance between the two of you. Let him know that this is not something that you are interested in. Then leave if you have to. He will get the picture.

What To Do If The Neck Kissing Is Wanted?

Easy! Enjoy it. That is all there is to it.

Just kidding, there is a little bit more to it than that, we know that!

Of course you will be enjoying it, because you have already decided this is something that you want to continue. Now you must find yourself wondering, ‘Well what do I do while he is kissing my neck?’ That is a good thing to be wondering. Especially if you have never experience anything like this previously. It can be super confusing in every way.

You might not be too familiar with what to do with your hands or your mouth well the two of you are getting intimate and he kisses your neck.

Well, first off, just try to remain as calm as you can. Getting too excited, even if it feels awesome and you are happy about it, can startle him and throw him off of his game. So play it cool!

Next think about how you feel. Are you feeling yourself getting slightly hot and heavy? Then go ahead and do something hot and heavy! What do we mean by that? Fondle him. No, you don’t have to fondle him down there, if you know what we mean, although that is an option. You can gently stroke his chest to let him know that you are happy to be receiving these kind of kisses.

You can also go as far as to moan. Yes, moaning will let him know that you are pleased with what he is doing. Moaning is a great way to encourage him to continue doing what he is doing. He will understand he is giving you pleasure.

Another thing that you can do if you are not comfortable do those very sensual things is you can play with his hair or run your fingers through it. This is the perfect way to show him that you are enjoying what he is doing without making it too sexual.

Now you know all the things that you need to know about a guy kissing your neck! Mainly you just need to sit back and enjoy it!

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