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32b Breasts: All You Need to Know About 32B Breast Size

Did you know that your breasts will change very regularly, throughout the month and also throughout the course of your life? Hormonal changes that happen to your body as you go through your monthly cycle will have a big impact on how your breasts feel, look, and even what size they are. Some women, for example, can experience bloating and water retention that makes their breasts almost an entire cup size bigger when it’s *that* time of the month. So, what do 32b breast look like and does 32b bust size mean you are small?

What do 32B Breasts Look Like?

You should get comfortable with what your own breasts look like. This will help when it comes to checking them over for signs of dimples, lumps, and bumps. If you don’t know what your breasts look like and feel like throughout the course of the month, you won’t be able to tell when something is wrong. Breast cancer and other forms of cancer have the best success rates when they are caught early, and by checking your breasts regularly, such as when you’re in the shower, you can pick up on a problem before it has a chance to spread or get large enough to cause you serious problems.


50% of women DO NOT check their breasts regularly, and wouldn’t even know where to start checking or looking. If you are one of those women, we recommend checking out a few websites to start checking your breasts today. 32 B bra size measurements can fit smaller or larger busts, it depends on the outfit and what look one wants to acheive.

32B Natural Breasts

If you have 32B natural breasts, you have enough tissue to need some sort of support, but without too much so that you can still let them free, sans bra, should you want to. This makes wearing certain, sexy clothing styles much easier. There are certain clothes that it is quite difficult to wear when you have a larger bust, so smaller busts can easily make use of them.

Don’t Even Get Me Started on Jeans

Jeans are the worst thing to have been invented for women with wide hips and curves. When I have to go jean shopping, I literally cringe at the thought of it. I can try on hundreds of pairs, yet, none of them will work. That is unless I get them tailored which is what usually ends up happening. They’re either one size too big in the waist but perfect on the hips or vice versa, it’s never an effortless procedure. So, what ends up happening? I opt for dresses, skirts and of course, leggings.

If you are looking to use exercise to keep your 32B natural breasts in good shape, you’ll be sad to learn it probably won’t work. There is actually no muscle in the breast mass itself, so exercising it isn’t going to have any effect. In fact, without a supportive, sports and fitness-designed bra, all that exercise could actually be doing more harm than good. Without the right support, breast tissue can be stretched by lots of movement, and over time, it will lead to sagging and drooping, regardless of how large or smaller your breasts actually are. Even the smallest of breasts can sag.

32B Breast Implants

You can have breast reduction or enlargement surgery to alter the shape of your breasts. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when you have an invasive surgery, such as this one. Whether you’re going larger or smaller, the surgery is a major one, and usually, involves a lot of aftercare. In many cases, it will be between eight to twelve weeks before you can get back to normal life, and a lot of that time will be taken off work as well. The recovery time from the surgery can cost you not just time, but money too. If you don’t have the opportunity to take the time away as vacation time or similar, the drop in earnings is likely to hit you hard.

Of course, breast augmentation surgery is also a rather costly affair, and there are many side effects, some very negative, that you will need to take into consideration. A consolation with a cosmetic surgeon will soon show you whether or not you are making the right decision. They will be able to answer any questions you may have, and with computer software, can even show you what your figure might look like once the surgery is completed.

Of course, only a very good surgeon will be able to give you the kind of appearance you’re hoping for, so make sure you do research and only choose a surgeon that is fully trained, licensed, and that you’re happy with.

How 32B Looks With Clothes On

According to statistics, over eighty percent of all women are wearing the wrong size bra entirely. Despite what you might think, women are actually usually wearing a bra size that is too small for them, or they’re misinterpreting the bra size idea completely. Many women think that the size of their breasts is covered with the letter part of the bra size, but the band size — the number — is also important. In fact, without the right number, the letter is virtually pointless.


A full-cup bra will offer you all-around support, and in lacy little numbers, are also quite sexy too. With the fuller-cup, you can prevent that spilling over the side that you can experience if your breasts are wide-set or fuller.

The good thing about B-cup breasts is that they can make use of bras such as push-up, strapless, and even wireless. These are tough to wear when you have a fuller bust, usually offering little or no support. When you have a smaller cup size, you can get away with less support. You can also get away with revealing numbers that aren’t really wearable by those with a larger bust too. Look to celebrities such as Kylie Minogue and Cameron Diaz to get a good idea of how to wear small breasts with style and sass. They do it well!

FUN FACT: Jamie from Red Rose in Austin informed us that 32b is the most popular breast size found in gentlemen's clubs. You can read her comment below...

"The breast size we see the most here at the Rose is 32b. Seems to be very popular!" - Jamie Red Rose Strip Club Austin

Comparison With Smaller Sizes

Although quite a small size, especially compared to the average bra size which has risen from a B to a C/D cup over the last decade or so, the 32B bra size and breast isn’t the smallest. A and AA cups are still smaller, and 30 and 28 bands are smaller also. See the following 32b bra size celebrities and determine if bra size 32 b is small or large.

Celebrities With 32B Breast Size

Alicia Silverstone


Cameron Diaz


Demi Moore


International 32B Breast Size

  • USA – 32B
  • Australia – 10B
  • New Zealand – 10B
  • UK – 32B
  • India – 32B
  • Europe – 70B
  • China – 70B
  • Japan – 70B
  • Hong Kong – 70B
  • Korea – 70B
  • Spain – 85B
  • Belgium – 85B
  • France – 85B