34b Breasts: All You Need To Know About B Cup, 34B Breast Size

If you were to go back a couple of decades, the average bra size for a woman in America would have been 34B. It was generally considered to be the ‘norm’, some women bigger and some women smaller. This doesn’t mean that the average breast size in America was a b cup. Fast forward just twenty or thirty years, however, and the average bust size has changed entirely. A number of contributing factors have led to this, including rising levels of obesity and the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgeries, such as breast augmentation.

One final factor that has led to the increased average bra size in America is better sizing. More women are wearing the same sized bra these days. Most women find, when they get measured, they end up being an entirely different size to whatever they’re wearing, and they’re often bigger too. Boob size comparison, one could think to buy a 34b Bra, but find out their average cup size after measurement needs to be bigger because they have 32c breasts.

What Do 34B Breasts Look Like?

Although small, a B-cup breast size is considered pretty average in most places around the world. You must remember that 34B breast size will have a similar breast size to 32C — the band is slightly larger, but the cup size itself will be virtually the same. Bra sizes are proportionate, and you will find that you can wear a slightly different size bra to the one you need and it’ll fit ‘okay’, but it won’t fit just right. Wearing the wrong bra size can cause a number of problems for your health, including back and shoulder pain.

Wearing the wrong size bra will also change your shape and silhouette. Wearing a bra that is one size too small might give you a killer cleavage, but it will give you lump sections across the back, usually because the banding is too tight. If you find the back of your bra digs in uncomfortably, it is time to look at buying a larger size. We would recommend getting yourself measured in a professional measuring facility to make sure you’re buying the right size to start with.

Here’s a fun fact for you about 34B breasts – in the nineties, this was the average bra size for Victoria’s Secret models. The average size has changed since then, increasing to a 34DD.

34B Natural Breast

34B natural breasts are lucky ones because they can easily be worn both with and without a bra. There is a hint of cleavage for those women who want to sass things up for a special occasion, but they are also small enough to wear without a bra, without too much in the form of movement or dropping.

Over time, it is natural for all breasts to droop, but with slightly smaller sized breasts, such as 34A breasts, the dropping action should be minimal. There isn’t a lot of weight to pull the skin down.

34B Breast Implants

There are a few ways to increase the size of your breasts, but one of the only options you have when it comes to permanently larger breasts is cosmetic surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery usually relies on a sac filled with fluid that is inserted under the breast. When the wound has been stitched back up, a professional surgeon should have left you with larger breasts — the size you discuss beforehand in your consultation, and they should also be even too. As with any surgical procedure, there are many risks that you will need to take into consideration. The surgery has the potential to go wrong, for example, and this can leave you rather unhappy with the way your figure looks.

As well as breast implants, there are other, more natural ways of trying to achieve a fuller-looking bust. This will include wearing gel brads, or gel inserts to slide inside your bra, and also wearing the right size bra too. Wearing the wrong size can often make you look bigger or smaller than you are, but will also prove unsightly and unflattering in other ways, such as bunching across the back.

How 34B Looks With Clothes On

Lots of things will change the way your breasts look, with or without clothes on. When you have children, the shape of your breasts are likely to change, and the same can be said for excessive weight loss and weight gain too. In fact, only the smallest amount of weight loss or gain could have quite a large impact on the size and shape of your breasts, amongst other areas on your body.

If you have a flatter stomach, 34B breasts look larger on the body than they do on a woman who does not have a flat stomach. On an overweight woman, 34B breasts would seem quite small, but on a very slender physique, the breasts would actually seem quite large.

If you have 34B bra size, you should opt for round necked dresses, because they look super flattering on you. It’s a neckline that is generally considered to be universally flattering.

Comparison with Smaller Sizes

Although not the smallest breast size in the world, with the A cup being smaller, and the AA still, but there are ways that you can make your bust seem fuller. Push up bras are a great place to start, perfect to be worn under dresses and tops that are low-cut. If you combine this with a t-shirt style bra, the padding helps to hide your nipples in cold environments too.

Did you know that getting the band measurement was the most important part of buying a bra? The band of your bra is what offers most of the support when it fits properly, and some experts even suggest this could be as high as 80%. The other 20% should come half and half from the straps and the cups. If the straps are digging into your shoulders uncomfortably, your ratio is all off and you need to get yourself re-measured or buy a new bra.

Celebrities with 34B Breast Size

There are a number of celebrities across the ages who have been reported to have the bra size 34B. These include:

  • Ashley Judd
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Julie Andrews
  • Julia Roberts
  • Paris Hilton
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Gwyneth Paltrow

International 34B Bra Size Conversion

  • USA: 34B
  • Australia: 12B
  • New Zealand: 12B
  • India: 34B
  • UK: 34B
  • Korea: 75B
  • Japan: 75B
  • Hong Kong: 75B
  • China: 75B
  • Europe: 75B
  • Spain: 90B
  • France: 90B
  • Belgium: 90B