What Does It Mean When A Guy Cums Fast?

So things got a bit steamy between you and the guy you like. Everything was going all fine and dandy until… Oh no! It’s already over before you even had a chance to begin.

‘Did he do it on purpose?’

‘Why was this so fast?’

‘I don’t feel satisfied.

Why does he come so fast with me?

Generally when a guy cums too fast it makes us nervous. We start to question if we did something wrong or if he has something else on his mind.


Fortunately, it’s usually not you.

And if it is because of you, it’s a good thing!

No he isn’t just trying to get it over quickly because he hates you.

It’s more likely he came fast because of how much he likes you.

Premature ejaculation is uncontrollable. It can happen before or after sexual initiation. There does not have to be a lot of stimulation for this to happen.

Most of the time, no one is at fault.

Why does this happen though?

Well, there’s a few different reasons behind why a man may do this.

Reason #1.) He’s Inexperienced.

Men tend to learn how to control and delay their orgasms over time. This means that when they first start doing the freaky-deaky they don’t always have much choice in when they ejaculate. It takes time, practice and effort to get the timing right. Because the two of you are different individuals, you may not always cum at the same times. That’s okay. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you are both generous by letting the other finish at their own pace. His pace may just be a little (or a lot!) faster than yours because he doesn’t have much experience in this department… Yet. Give him time. Until he learns, you can try to take away the aspect of anticipation.

I.e. for those that cum too fast: Don’t get him all riled up before you go into foreplay. Teasing him will only make this situation worse. Although he may object to the idea, let him know that it’s only temporary while he works on his early ejac issues!

Reason #2.) He’s A Virgin.

You two may not even had intercourse yet, and he still is prematurely letting loose (or guy cumming). That’s not out of the norm for someone who hasn’t experienced penetration yet.

He may get too excited at just the thought of a blowjob or having sex with you, because he hasn’t done it yet and it’s driving him crazy! Hormones are strong, but they continue building up, especially in men, if the desires aren’t satisfied. This is where the term blue balls comes from.

You may have heard a man say something like, “Man it’s been so long I’m starting to get blue balls!”

When you are a virgin, you haven’t had any real outlets to vent your sexual frustration. So, it feels like his balls may bursting and is in dire need to know how to cum faster. This may make it difficult for him not to cum easily, even with a tease or a simple touch.

Reason #3.) He’s Elderly.

We know that young, inexperienced men have a hard time prolonging their release. However, when a man reaches a certain age in the upward numbers, he also may have a hard time controlling when he comes. You lose the ability to control a lot of your body functions as you get older. The same goes for sexual gestures. We start losing the ability to control when it happens. If he gets too excited, he may not be able to contain himself much longer.

In this case, just take your time with him! When you feel like he is getting really worked up, take a step back from whatever you are doing. Give it 30 seconds for him to calm down and then continue on! Repeat until desired time is reached.

Reason #4.) You’re Too Hot For Him.

Yes, it happens, a man may cum incredibly fast if he thinks you are too hot. He might think your physique is just out of this world! When you take your top off he might just bust, because he can’t help himself. This is one of the best reasons for being premature there is, because it means that he really digs you. It may muck up your sex life, but it’s definitely flattering, don’t you think?

What can you do to solve this problem?

Get ugly!

Just kidding…

All you have to do is figure out how to not appear as attractive to him.

Maybe ditch the role-play outfits or sexy thongs until he can get himself under control in the bedroom.

If you need to, keep your top (or bottoms, whatever he prefers most) on while the two of you are initiating sex. Wait until you are both ready to climax and then go ahead and bare it all to him! That way it gives a nice surprise for him as he finishes the race. Think of it as a reward for him for finally making it to the desired time! Overall, why do men cum fast, how to make a guy come fast, or when a guy comes too fast what does it mean? Can be for many reasons, more than likely not your fault, these different scenarios above may the reason for why. Next topic will be for those in the ‘If your boyfriend cums too much?’ category.

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